Coronavirus Updates


Fall 2020 Options for Families

With the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, Focus Academy is committed to giving our families a choice of method for their student's learning. Families can choose from on-campus learning in the classroom or distanced learning from home.

On Campus Learning

  • Direct specialized instruction, in person, five days a week

  • New procedures and protocols in place to ensure safety of students, families, and staff

  • All services on each student's IEP will be provided


  • Students will be expected to Zoom into class each day and participate as though they were in the classroom live

  • Students follow the same bell schedule as on campus peers while remaining at home

  • Students will receive five day a week direct specialized instruction

  • All services on student IEP will be provided virtually

In addition, new protocols have been implemented for the safety of everyone on campus. These include:

  • Temperature checks for all students, staff, and visitors via touchless thermometer. Any temperature of 100.4 or above will be asked to return home.

  • Face masks will be required while on campus. Students will be given periodic "mask breaks" in designated areas. Three reusable masks will be provided for each student.

  • Hand sanitizing stations with auto dispensers have been positioned around the school for easy access. Hand sanitizer will also be available in every classroom.

  • Good hand washing techniques will be reinforced and practiced with students. 

  • Social distancing signs and markings throughout the buildings.

  • Plexiglass dividers on student tables.

These protocols will supplement more robust changes to the delivery of classroom lessons:

  • In Phase 1, teachers will remain with their homeroom class all day, with other instructors providing materials. In Phase II, teachers will move from class to class, maximizing the amount of social distancing for students. Phase III would mean a return to our usual schedule, with students transitioning from class to class by subject area.

  • Lunch periods have been reduced to 30 minutes with no more than 30 students at a time in the cafeteria at spaced tables.

  • Bathroom breaks will be scheduled by class to minimize contact between students.

  • Our beautiful outdoor space will be fully utilized to give breaks to both students and staff, weather permitting. 

Although we have asked families to choose a learning method for the first semester, we understand that changing circumstances can affect these choices as we move forward. Families should be assured that Focus Academy administration will be flexible and supportive of family needs. We are here for you!

For more information about our plans for Fall 2020, please contact the office at 813.443.5558.

Frequently asked questions

Online Learning

What apps can students use for online learning?

High school students can use both Myon (for reading) and Prodigy (for math). Transition Program students can use Myon and are encouraged to utilize Cool Math ( for math practice. Parent/guardians were given login information before the start of Spring Break. If you need additional help, please contact our office. In addition, we are using Google Classroom for classwork, as well as Zoom for virtual meetings.

When will online learning begin?

Teachers will post assignments and activities for students beginning on Monday, March 30. Students are encouraged to check their school email accounts for updates from instructors.

What time are lessons posted? When are lessons due?

Lessons will be posted at 9 a.m.daily. All student work must be completed and returned daily by 9 p.m.

What if my student needs help?

If your student is struggling to complete the assignments given (even with parent support provided), please reach out to the teachers immediately (even better, have your student do so with their school email accounts) so that our team can swiftly provide support and find solutions. We are on this journey of online learning TOGETHER, and look forward to partnering with our students and families for success!

What about help with Google Classroom?

If you or your student needs support in accessing Google Classroom, please contact your student's homeroom teacher (the teacher your student has for first period; see Alma for class schedule). Should your student have any questions regarding the assignments that are posted, please contact the teacher for the class it pertains to. Teachers will be available via email, with a requirement of responding promptly during normal work hours (8 a.m.- 4 p.m.) Emails sent to teachers between 4 p.m. - 8 a.m., will not receive a response until the next day. Students who fail to turn in required assignments on time will receive an email from a staff member 12-18 hours after due date. If students continuously do not complete assignments on time, an administrator will call the family to discuss.

My student's email account says it's not found. What do I do?

First, make sure you are entering the information correctly, both the email address and the password. Next, make sure you are not logged into Gmail with another account. If so, you need to choose "Add another account" and then enter the information. If you are still having issues, please contact us.

Are there instructions for signing into all student accounts?

Yes, we have instructions in English and Spanish. Please email us for a copy (for security reasons, we cannot publicly post this information.)

Morning Meeting

My student wants to attend Morning Meeting via Zoom, but the link isn't working. Help!

For security reasons, we are changing the link to Morning Meeting each day. Students are asked to check their Focus Academy email for the new link, which will be sent out in the afternoon the day before. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Kraft. Virtual Morning Meeting starts each day at 9 a.m., and is finished around 9:15 a.m. It includes all of the elements of the on campus Morning Meeting, including announcements, birthdays, quote of the day, a weather report, and of course, FUN!

I'm having some trouble with Zoom audio/video. Where can I get some help?

Please check out these links for more help with using Zoom: Zoom Troubleshooting FAQ Audio/Video/Sharing on Zoom


My student's annual IEP meeting is coming up. What's the plan for meeting?

IEP meetings will continue to take place in a teleconference format. If you have an IEP meeting scheduled while we are completing online learning, a staff member from the school office will call or email you to confirm attendance, as well as provide the information for accessing the conference line.

My student receives therapies at school. What happens now?

Students will continue to receive educational services online, as well as have the opportunity for tele-therapy for Speech/Language and/or Occupational Therapies, as identified on each student's current IEP. A tele-therapy permission form will be sent out for students to participate in tele-therapy services during online learning. Upon receipt of the completed tele-therapy form, the assigned therapist will reach out to the parent via email/phone to schedule sessions.


What about student grades? Do these count toward graduation?

Take the work seriously -- it all counts! Work that students are assigned will be graded and will count towards their 2nd semester overall grade. Students who do not sign on and complete their assignments during online learning will not receive 4th quarter grades (for any assignment missing) which could result in failing grades for the 2nd semester. Failing grades could delay a student graduating on time as every credit a student earns counts towards graduation! This applies to all grade levels, as credits are cumulative.

What if my student is sick?

Students/parents are still expected to call the main office at 813.443.5558 or email, if a student cannot complete that day’s online learning assignments due to sickness. Students will be excused for that day, but will be expected to make up any missed work. We ask families to keep the office informed of any continued illness.

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