Transition Program

Community partnering for a brighter future.

The Focus Academy Transition Program continues our philosophy of replacing fears and doubts with dreams and plans, while emphasizing the keys to a full and satisfying life. These keys include:

  • Experiences

  • Choices

  • Responsibilities

  • Connections

Our Transition Program uses these concepts as the basis for structuring the curriculum and experiences for individual students.

The Focus Academy Transition Program has two phases:

Stage 1: On-campus training and preparation
Stage 2: Community-based workplace internships

If your student has gone through the 9-12 grade program at Focus Academy, they are already well on their way to learning all of the key skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. The curriculum at Focus Academy weaves social skills practice throughout the school day, and academic classes use real-world examples to reinforce skills needed for future independence.  

The Focus Academy Transition Program is physically separate from the high school. Students report to their classroom location and sign in via an online time clock. The uniform is workplace-oriented: gray and blue SportTek polo with dark blue or black pants and black shoes. Uniforms are available through Educational Outfitters, our contracted school uniform provider.

Practical learning, positive experience.

Transition Program curriculum is approached in workshop format to move students into increasing independence. Class or workshop topics include:

  • Nutrition and Food Science

  • ​Drama Therapy and Role Playing

  • Industrial Arts

  • Project Management

  • Financial Lifestyle Management

  • Workplace Etiquette, Safety, & Communication

  • Practical Math & Reading

  • Adaptive Skills

  • Technology

  • Travel Training

  • Independent Living Skills

  • Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination

Classroom learning is paired with frequent trips into the community to provide meaningful learning opportunities for students to engage in daily living activities while fostering developmental and academic growth. Staff use these experiences to work on shared attention, self-regulation, and social problem-solving skills amongst peers in a broader range of environments. Students increase their academic achievement through connecting classroom math and literacy lessons to the real world application of this material.

Students entering the Transition Program are closely assessed in terms of their independent functioning as well as their talents and affinities. Transition Program faculty and staff work with students to polish interpersonal communication, task-oriented attention to detail, personal accountability and responsibility, among other skills, to help students progress to a level of competence in the workplace.

Community experiences, employable skills.

Once students have reached this level, they are ready to shift into community-based workplace internship opportunities.  Based on talents, strengths and interests, Focus Academy Transition Program administrators match students to suitable internship locations. Internship responsibilities will vary widely by student and by organization, but each will be customized for the individual student’s needs. 

After a student has been matched with an internship, they will report to their assigned workplace up to three times a week for a given number of hours. Students are supervised and supported by a Focus Academy employability coach while on the job. Periodic evaluation ensures that the partnership is beneficial for both the student and the host company.​ 

The Focus Academy Transition Program's ultimate goal is to give our students what every adult aspires to: satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy in their daily life, with the best chance of continued future success.

Temple Terrace City Council recognizes Focus Academy Transition Program students
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Focus Academy Transition Program students
Transition Program student at Community Based Training
Focus Academy Transition Program students working in the kitchen
Transition Program student working on filing.
Transition Program student at Community Based Training
Transition Program student working as a classroom assistant


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