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Exceptional. Creative. Unique.
Words that describe our students, and our innovative program.

You're invited to visit our campus and find out why your ESE student belongs here, and how we can positively impact their future.

Whether it's this school year or next, it's never too late to make a change. Tour the classrooms and campus, talk to teachers, and hear more about how our approach is different from other schools and how we can give your student the tools for future success. 

Over 98% of  parents and families would recommend Focus Academy. Some examples of what they have said, taken directly from our annual parent survey:

  • "Focus' greatest strength is seeing the ability and growing each child academically and socially"

  • "Each student at Focus is respected and afforded [the ability] to shine where they are at."

  • "A very caring environment that allows students to reach their individual maximum potential"

  • "Very innovative learning!"

  • "A blessing in our son's life!"

Focus Academy has been serving ESE students ages 14-22 since 2013 and has received the Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System (FDLRS) Excellence in Action award and the highest academic rating for an ESE center from the State of Florida. 

We are tuition-free, and all of our teachers are state certified in Exceptional Student Education, meeting the highest standards set by the State of Florida Department of Education. 

Apply for one of the remaining spots for this school year, or plan for next year or beyond. 

For more information about our Admissions Open House, or about Focus Academy, please call 813.443.5558 or email

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